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Dear friends, new and old customers and friends:

       Thank you for your company!

       Today's social, economic and technological advances, for us, this is a time full of opportunities and challenges. Seize opportunities, meet challenges, both bigger and stronger on their own needs, but also social responsibility entrusted to us. Clearly aware of the needs and responsibilities, progressive, and to whom to pay unremitting efforts, the White Lake each valve has become the common beliefs and aspirations.

       "Vying, sails races." White Lake valves long journey of growth and maturity, leadership at all levels of care, a lot of customer support and our efforts of all colleagues in the last major step in the flourish, breaking a struggle for self-characteristics development. Today's White Lake Valve Factory has developed into a considerable size, growing economic and social benefits of modern valve company.

       Miles Guanshan start all over again. Present and future, valve plant supports the development of White Lake will continue to be hard work, wisdom, courage and passion. We will uphold the "scientific management, brilliant achievement," business philosophy, friends and the community co-operated, hand Deduce bright future.

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Add:Baihu Lujiang County, Anhui Province
Chairman:Mr Wang
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